Max Walker

19 02 2009

It seems Max Walker is everywhere these days. Max is on nearly every ad break whether he is spruiking insurance or telling people to have a heart check up.

What you probably don’t know is that Max is downright one of the nicest people you would ever want to meet.

During a gig at Hamilton Island last year, Max was playing the role of MC and storyteller and I got to see first hand his abilities. He hasn’t written 14 best selling books based on his cricketing skills alone!

He had the audience by the edge of their seats as he told a story about his love of architecture and his observations of new buildings being built in Hamilton Island as he landed at the airport. He then went on to tell the audeince of how he approached a man painting very quickly one of the new buildings whilst hanging upside down. He engaged the man in conversation and urged him to do show off his talents and do some painting for the audience.

And that was how I received my introduction. Very funny stuff.

To view Max’s website –


Saturday Disney Appearance

16 02 2009

On the weekend Saturday Disney showed something we recorded last year.

It was recorded at Artescape in St Leonards, Sydney – a great place to really make a mess!

New Website Update with Blog

5 02 2009

They say “time flies when you are having fun!”.  Well, it hasn’t flown, it’s gone like light-speed.

I’m in the process of updating the website with videos from TV appearances and corporate shows.

2008 was by far my biggest and busiest ever, so I’m looking forward to 2009!  I’m taking it up another level – especially with fusing the art and illusion.  Stay tuned.

Wrigley's function 2008

Wrigley's function 2008

Busy Times…

15 06 2008

Yes.. I know.. I have sort of forgotten about this blog……

In the last month I’ve performed in Gold Coast (four times), Adelaide and Melbourne as well as heaps in Sydney.  I’m racking up the frequent flyers – Virgin Blue now know me on a first name basis.  It’s been great  – I’ve performed my “Art of Rock Music” show quite a few times now and the more I paint on stage, the quicker I get.

Today I performed twice in a Variety show at Parramatta RSL club alongside two magicians and an chinese acrobatics group.  A good change for a Sunday afternoon…

Tomorrow I’m jumping on the plane to WA where I am performing a show at a company conference – Australia’s wealthiest man “Andrew Forrest” (according to BRW and who recently overtook James Packer) is the host, so I’m looking forward to performing.

I’ll check back in later with some photos.

Caricatures from Trade Shows

7 05 2008

I just added a gallery of some recent caricatures that I’ve drawn from trade shows around Australia. Click on the “Caricatures” button from the menu above to view.

Diabetes Australia

29 04 2008

I saw this article in the SMH last week:

I worked with Derek two years ago as we entertained in the corporate suites of Orrcon at V8 races around Australia.  He is a lovely guy and I am thrilled that he is the face of the TV show Gladiators.  He is also a very good speaker and he has spoken about his battle with Diabetes.


I will be performing a show at the Diabetes Australia gala dinner “The Buzz Ball” at the Parkside Ballroom, Sydney Convention Centre.  26 July 2008.  Tickets are $185.  I am told that it is a masquerade themed night so it should be alot of fun.  For further information, see

Malaysia F1 event in Singapore

3 04 2008

Just back from my show in Singapore. I brought to ‘life on canvas’ the F1 Williams car and lead driver Nico Rosberg. My original idea was to have fire streaming out of where I painted the exhaust on the car timed with the sounds of the engine starting, but the Singapore National Museum didn’t like the idea of fire (and I even went and bought a portable flame thrower too!). So I used confetti during the show instead.

It was interesting to see how things differ at events from Australia to Asian countries. Some of the other entertainment they had:

– Flair Bartenders

– Girls dressed in F1 suits on rollerblades

– Photographers that shot ‘live’ – ie. they took a photo and it appeared on the numerous plasma screens around the venue.

Overall it was a great experience and having taken some interest in my entertainment recently from other Asian countries (as well as Dubai and Romania!) maybe I can soon report on some other travel adventures.